Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

If you are new to cooking with a pressure cooker the electric pressure cooker is your best bet.  The temperatures are regulated so the heat doesn’t get too high or too low so whatever you are cooking will turn out better. The new electric pressure cookers have better controls eliminating any safety issues you may be concerned about.

Some electric pressure cookers even have a programmable setting for cooking specific ingredients. Rice and dried beans will be cooked to a perfect consistency in a pressure cooker.  So start off with cooking these two ingredients and you will be convinced that the electric pressure cooker can’t be beat!

Check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you follow the specific way your electric pressure needs to be set.  With the electric pressure cooker you just set it and it will do the rest.  Whereas the stove top pressure cooker needs to reach a certain pressure and then that pressure needs to be maintained and then turned off.

Now let’s get started with some simple recipes.

Cooking Rice

1 cup rice

1 1/2 cup water

1 tablespoon butter

2 teaspoons salt

The ratio of rice to water is less than it would be if you were cooking it on top of the stove in a regular sauce pan.  Put all ingredients into the electric pressure cooker.  Lock the pressure cooker until you hear a click.  Set the pressure cooker on high for 3 minutes and press start.  The 3 minutes will start once the water reaches the boiling stage.  It will cut off after three minutes.  Allow the natural pressure to release for 7 more minutes.  If it is still locked after 7 minutes, release the pressure on the top of the electric pressure cooker until it unlocks itself—should be from about 30 seconds to one minute.  Use a hot pad and then when it unlocks itself open and fluff with a fork. You’ll have Perfect rice!

Dried Beans

1 pound dried beans

8 cups water

4 teaspoons oil

Spices (optional)—DO NOT USE SALT as salt will keep the beans from softening

­­Sort the dried beans and remove any rocks or beans that are shriveled.  There is no need to soak the beans.  Put beans, water, oil and any desired spices (not salt) into the electric pressure cooker.  Close and make sure the lid is locked.   Set the cooker on high and the cooking time to 25 minutes.  There will be about an hour or more before the beans are done.  It will take the pressure cooker about 10 minutes to first build up the pressure before the cooking time starts. Then it will take 25 minutes for the actual cooking and then add another 15 to 30 minutes for the pressure to release.

The electric pressure cooker will not let you open the lid until the pressure is released and it is safe.  When it allows the lid to unlock make sure you use hot pads and lift out the inner pot and pour everything into a colander.  Rinse beans thoroughly.  There you have it. Dried beans that are healthy and cooked to perfection in a little over an hour.